Jen has been on staff at GracePointe since September 2016 as a Little Lights Preschool assistant teacher and made the transition to Children’s Co-Director in the summer of 2019. Jen became a dental assistant in 1996 with the last 13 years being in pediatric dental practice. Jen and her husband, Shawn met and were later married at Hinson Church in 2005. The Sadliers and their girls, Amelia and Norah, came to GP in March 2014 looking to be a part of a church in their community. For the last 4 years, Jen has been teaching on Sundays in our 4 & 5-year-old room and is excited to have the opportunity to coordinate the outreach events such as VBS and Trunk or Treat to impact the children and families of GracePointe and the community of Milwaukie.

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