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We love finding ways to connect people with one another and with God. We believe that God can be praised with the latest worship songs as well as the timeless hymns of the ancient church.

Advent Season Services
Advent Season Services

Advent is the season of looking toward the coming of Jesus the Messiah. Isaiah points to a Messiah who enters our existence in quiet obscurity while Matthew points to the Messiah’s return being in full view of the world.

Advent is the season to let the Gospel message agitate the stagnant waters of our heart, bringing about the revitalizing water of life. God breaks into our lives in a fresh way… healing and refreshing our weary souls.

GracePointe, please join us as we gather as one family each Sunday at 9:30 AM during the Advent season. Let us celebrate together, the season of hope & faith, peace, love and joy!

A Season of Thanks and Giving
A Season of Thanks and Giving

GracePointe, you’ve been issued a challenge.

Between now and Christmas, we would like you to participate in at least one activity connecting you with our GracePointe community. Consider volunteering at a church event, or mark an offering above and beyond your normal giving “Gift of Thanksgiving” – to help provide families in our area with the means to make a Thanksgiving meal.


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Community Groups

People NEED community, they need to belong, to be known and accepted, to be cared for in their time of need, and to be challenged and held accountable to what God has called them to be.

We are excited about all that is going on here at GracePointe and we want to let you know about it!


Whether you’re home sick, are out of town, or you simply want to check us out for the first time, you can see or listen to all our sermons here.

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