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It is the year AD 62 and the Apostle Paul sits confined to a prison and unsure of what is next for him as his trial in Rome approaches. He sends a letter to one of the churches he had started and had deep connections with. Thus, we have the letter to the Philippians. It is both a letter of thanks and a theological Christ-centered encouragement to live a life that is through the lens of the gospel.

Join us as we look at how Philippians is encouraging us to imitate Christ. To follow His example in the way that He gave all of Himself entirely and sacrificially for the sake of the cross. We also imitate Christ in resembling His holiness in the way that we are a people set apart. Finally, we pattern ourselves after Christ in our vulnerability and humility.

In all these things, we model ourselves after Christ and find that to live is Christ and to die is gain. May our lives reflect Christ in every way. Join us for Wholly, Holy, Holey Imitation - The Book of Philippians.



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